Practice Areas

Practice Areas


Excellence and dedication in Criminal Law

Corporate Criminal Law

Crimes against the financial system, the economic order (such as cartel and abuse of economic power) and the capital market; crimes against tax authorities; money laundering; environmental crimes, electoral crimes, crimes in consumer relations, crimes against intellectual property, public bidding fraud, and more.

criminal law

Crimes against the person: specifically against life, body, freedom, honor and property; crimes against public administration, whether these are committed by civil servants or private employees. Also crimes of domestic violence (as defined by Brazil's Federal Law 11340, also known as 'Lei Maria da Penha'), lesser criminal offenses (as defined by the Special Criminal Court), internet crimes and more.


Regulatory compliance grows as companies increase their efforts in complying with established standards, and adhere to ethical processes, especially since the approval of the Anti-Corruption Law in Brazil. Complying with proper conduct practices is the safest way to avoid risks and reduce expenses with issues such as fines and image damage control.